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My date—who managed to make a backless medical gown and compression stockings look chic—and I watched for some time as the scrotum slowly and steadily increased in size.

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Terrified that the thing would at some point pop, I told her that I needed to be around the comparative safety and normalcy of the fuckpile beginning to form in the basement.

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People Are Injecting Their Scrotums With Saline to Get Huge Balls

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My eyes followed a thin tube that was attached to the bulging ball sack and saw that it was connected to an IV bag.

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With some trepidation, I tracked their gazes across the room and saw a man lying on a table with what appeared to be a cantaloupe wedged into his crotch.

Description: Similarly, people who have administered an infusion—including the person I saw doing it at the party—have been less than enthusiastic about talking with me.